Phan Quỳnh Trâm reading her 3 poems at Gleebooks

Phan Quỳnh Trâm đọc 3 bài thơ trong buổi ra mắt sách tại Gleebooks, tháng 10 2015.

Phan Quỳnh Trâm reads her 3 poems (Variety of a story, Variation on a Theme, This is not a sentence) at the launch of the poetry collection of 3 poets Lê Văn Tài, Nguyễn Tôn Hiệt and Phan Quỳnh Trâm, at Gleebooks, 10/10/2015. The poetry collection is edited by Nguyễn Hưng Quốc and Nha Thuyen and published by Vagabond Press in 2015.




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