Risk Management (a poem) – Phan Quỳnh Trâm

Everyday from the time you wake up you may have to deal with:

The risk of getting out of bed and the risk of staying in bed (and feeling guilty for the rest of the day)
The risk of spending one hour to dress up (and being late to work) and the risk of looking messy (especially when you might have bumped into a love interest)
The risk of driving and the risk of walking to work (and getting run over by a car)
The risk of eating a healthy breakfast (and hating it) and the risk of eating an unhealthy breakfast (and having diabetes later in life)
The risk of not having a coffee after 12pm (and feeling sleepy for the rest of the day) and the risk of having a coffee (and not being able to sleep at night)
The risk of speaking your mind and the risk of keeping your head down (you all know what this is all about)
The risk of practising politics and the risk of ignoring it
The risk of staying back late at work and the risk of “Well, who gives a shit…”
The risk of being starving before you go to bed and the risk of having dinner after 7pm
The risk of staying up late to read and the risk of going to bed early (and waking up at three in the morning)
The risk of falling out of love and the risk of falling in love again
The risk of trusting your instincts and the risk of resisting temptations (and regretting it years later when lying on your death bed)

The risk of living and the risk of dying

After you die, then there is no risk for you to manage
Not that I know of
Not just yet

(Nov 2014)

2 thoughts on “Risk Management (a poem) – Phan Quỳnh Trâm

  1. QP oi, chau lai meo mo nghe nghiep roi do nghen.
    Khong ngo chau thich doc sach den the, that ai mo chau.
    co My day, nguoi dong hanh tuyet thuc voi chau hom 25/7/2015

    Liked by 1 person

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